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Global Climate Change: A Dire Need for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

In 2017, natural and man-made disasters caused $306 billion of economic losses across the world, according to estimates from insurance company Swiss Re. That represents a 63 per cent increase on the year before and is far higher than the average over the past ten years. Three hurricanes - Harvey, Irma and Maria - hit the United States and the Caribbean, while wildfires devastated California. Those three hurricanes alone caused an estimated $93 billion of insured losses. Outside the U.S., two powerful earthquakes struck Tehuantepec and Puebla in Mexico, causing heavy loss of life and over $2 billion in insured losses. Tropical Cyclone Debbie also wreaked havoc in Australia, leading to $1.3 billion of insured losses in southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales. Many businesses that relied on electronic data suffered total or temporary data loss due to hardware damage and failure. This caused major setbacks but also made them realise the importance of data security and back up.

Regardless of how large or small your business may be, data is an essential aspect of running it. The loss of business data can be disastrous for a company. Because of this, more and more businesses rely on online data backup for data protection to ensure that their valuable information is secure from theft, damage and the effects of potential disaster.

A few month ago, Trusted Source - a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Management Services - partnered with Kronicles Singapore, a unit of Malaysian ACE-listed company Kronologi Asia Berhad, to provide private data backup and disaster recovery services to clients. This new service currently uses Singapore as a physical point of presence to store data using Trusted Source's private cloud architecture. Through this new partnership, both parties aim to cater to the growing demand for data backup and protection solutions and has already successfully signed up two new clients with regional headquarters in Singapore: an Australian cryptocurrency company and a global Business Processing Outsourcing company.

"The collaboration with Kronicles clearly signifies our commitment to strengthening our data backup and data protection services to our internal and external customers. We intend to expand the services to many locations in Asia. It is the ideal solution for us to meet growing market needs and demands for enhanced data storage and protection services," said Mr Desmond Aw, Senior Vice President of Trusted Source.

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About the extra protection offered by cloud storage

Online backup systems such as cloud storage provide extra protection to cater for calamities such as natural disasters. They provide various features such as automated backup and comprehensive file management to enhance storage and backup without manual effort being required. Growing businesses can gain a lot from database backup that can accommodate the amount of data they need to have backed up. Even if your resources are limited, you do not need to compromise on the quality of database backup systems that you use.

About quick and successful data restoration

Factors such as strengthened encryption and passwords are critical for securing and backing up data. Your data is important and various circumstances such as virus attacks, power surges and malfunctions can be detrimental for your business. You need to have the ability to restore your data quickly if you lose it. Businesses need to be well prepared for disasters by backing up their data and being able to recover it with ease whenever the need to do so arises. A data backup system should ideally be easy to implement and be simple enough to use on retrieval of data from backups. To find out more about how to store and protect your data, please email Trusted Source at

Did you know?

The cloud is often thought of as an online backup solution that works in the background on your devices to keep your photos and documents - whether personal or work related - and backed up on remote servers. In reality, the cloud has a lot more to offer. It connects people together, helping them work together online to create data collaboratively and to store and share data online. It also makes your data ubiquitous, so that if you lose your phone or your device fails you simply buy a new one, sign in to your cloud account and voila! – all your data are on your new device in a matter of minutes.